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How to Unroll and Flatten Your Print

  1. Make sure your hands are clean and thoroughly dry.
  2. Find a flat surface and wipe it clear of any dirt or debris. (Ensure the surface is thoroughly dry after wiping.)
  3. Carefully remove the print from the plastic sleeve.
  4. Using the tissue paper to protect the print, lay the top edge of the print on the work surface. Place books (or other clean, untextured objects) on top of the tissue paper to secure the print’s corners.
  5. Once the first two corners are secure, slowly unroll the print with the tissue paper on top.
  6. Secure the remaining two corners with books or other clean, untextured objects.
  7. Wait for the paper to flatten—24 hours is ideal.

Other Tips

  • Never mark the print with pencil or other tools during the framing/hanging process. This will likely result in a permanent mark and/or eraser damage.
  • Never use an iron or other heat implement to flatten the print.

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