Our Favorite Vegan Art Prints


Are you looking to decorate your vegan home? Or are you in need of a vegan housewarming gift? Look no further. Culver and Cambridge has a wide selection of vegan art prints. All of our prints are personally designed and handcrafted with love. And, since I'm vegan myself, all of these prints come from the heart. 💚


The Vegan Butcher Print

What's not to love about a cruelty-free butcher diagram. It will show you exactly where to kiss, cuddle, and snuggle your favorite farm animals. The vegan butcher print makes a great addition to any room in your vegan home.

View the print here.

The Vegan Butcher Print - A cruelty-free vegan poster by Culver and Cambridge



The Cruelty-Free Home Vegan Print

Share your vegan lifestyle with all who enter your home. This vegan print shares your cruelty-free commitment to the animals, to the planet, and to your health. It makes a great conversation starter with all your non-vegan friends.

View this print here.



In this House, We Believe...the Vegan Print

This print will share your house values with all your guests.

In this house, we believe
Animals are friends not food
Black lives matter
Feminism is for everyone
Humans are not illegal
Science is real
Love is Love
and healthcare is a human right

View this print here.



The Vegan Definition Print

The vegan definition spells it out as simply as possible. A vegan is a person that considers animals friends not food. Period. We don't eat our friends. We don't wear our friends. We don't test products on our friends. We don't exploit our friends for entertainment. 

View this print here.

The Vegan Kitchen Print

Celebrate your veganism with the vegan kitchen print, and set the standard that no animal products will ever be stored, prepped, or cooked in your space. This print also makes a perfect housewarming gift for your favorite vegan!


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